• Single-colored polyurethane floors

    seamless floors

  • White polyurethane floors

    an innovative solution

  • Resin floors

    intended not only for living quarters

Polyurethane floors

Single-colored, decorative resin floors

More and more people are choosing to finish the floors in their home with a resin screed. Not only do they provide the "wow" effect, but they are durable, chemically and mechanically resistant but also cost-effective. Resin floors are ideal for today's modern house and other utility room designs.

Resin screeds are ideal solutions for modern interiors, they are very practical and universal. White polyurethane floors are particularly popular. Resin floors, not only white polyurethanes provide a good feeling not only for the eye but also for the feet, and an unlimited range of colors makes them fit virtually any interior.

Our realizations of polyurethane and epoxy resin floors are a model of quality and precision of finish. FotoFloor provides professional execution of seamless resin floors, has extensive experience and has many investments behind it.

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