• 3D floors

    decorative floors with embedded printed graphics

  • Floors with selected shapes

    Single-colored resin floors with painted, colored shapes

  • Any graphics on the floor?

    The only limit to the use of this system is imagination

3D floors

Any print embedded on the floor.

3D floors - modern technology for creating graphic floors. The latest trend in interior finishing. A durable system that allows application on the floor of any printed graphics, successively secured with high-quality resins.

The unique appearance of the 3D floor will give a completely new dimension to your interior. An unusual view of the floor with graphics will delight many a client or guest. 3D decorative floors are increasingly recognized by interior designers and used for residential and public utility projects. Increasingly, they are installed not only in offices and shopping centers, but also in our homes. Installation of 3D floor is not limited only to the bathroom or toilet. Suitable for use in any room, hall or other room. Due to its unique aesthetic and external qualities, 3D floor solves many design problems in all rooms. By appropriately selected graphics visualization, in small apartments we make optical enlargement of their surface. In large rooms and the lobby they become part of the interior, its elements. Imitation wood, stone, complex textures - allow us to get a work of art on the floor.

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